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  1. Jennifer Holden says:

    I just sent out the information about this year’s summer conference to our teachers here at Prairie Heights and one concern that I am getting is that several of the teachers that attended last year, never received their certificate with their PGP points. Is there a way for them to still get those? Also, how many hours did it count for?

  2. Cindy Callahan says:

    Do you have a list of the breakout sessions?

  3. Valerie Herald says:

    I had registered for this event several weeks ago and HCCSC recently provided payment for my registration; however, I am now unable to attend and Neil Rupp of HCCSC will be attending in my place. Please let me know if there is additional paperwork that myself or Neil must complete to document this transition.

    Thank you!


  4. Joanna Cook says:

    Sorry for this delayed response. We don’t monitor this email address and haven’t found a way to block it so people can’t send to it. You can see the schedule at . Hope that helps!

  5. Joanna Cook says:

    I have replaced your name with Neil’s in our registration materials. If you would just confirm his email address and provide his address information, I’d appreciate it! If you’d email that would help me out, as I don’t monitor this account very often. Thanks!

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